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   Wednesday, November 22nd   
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            UNITS          RELOCATION

Major units at Fort Benning include the 194th Armored Brigade, the 316th Cavalry Brigade, the 198th Infantry Brigade, and the 199th Infantry Brigade.

194th Armored Brigade 706-626-5904
30th AG Battalion (Training) 706-544-0118/9493
1st Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment 706-626-5007
5th Squadron, 15th Cavalry Regiment (Training) 706-626-4102
The 5th Squadron 15th Cavalry began in 1901 to serve in the Philippines, then the Cuban Pacification and the search for Pancho Villa until 1909. The cavalry served in France as one of just a handful of horse mounted units during World War One. After arriving in Europe in 1944, the 15th became known as the 15th Cavalry Group Mechanized and they were just in time to be a part of the Normandy Invasion on D-Day as a part of General Patton’s Third Army. In 1987, after years of inactivation and changing hands, the 15th Cavalry Regiment took over training cavalry scouts at Fort Knox, KY, and now trains them at Fort Benning. It is the only currently active squadron of the entire regiment.
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1st Battalion 46th Infantry Regiment 706-544-8381
The 1st Battalion 46th Infantry Regiment was formed in 1917 to participate in World War One under the 9th Division until 1921 when it was deactivated. It was reactivated in 1943 as the 5th Armored Division, split into 3 parts; the 15th, 47th, and 46th Infantry Battalions. The 46th was a part of the 1944 Normandy Invasion and all 3 battalions were active during the Hurtgen Forest campaign, some of the worst conditions of the entire war. Until its service in Korea in 1967, the unit had been deactivated and reactivated many times post-World War Two. Over the next 4 years, until 1971, the 46th was involved in 12 campaigns in which it served with the 23rd Infantry Division and the 198th and 196th Infantry Brigades. After training quality soldiers at Fort Knox until 2010, the 46th continues to do the same at Fort Benning to this day.
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2-47th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-8732
316th Cavalry Brigade 706-626-8113
1-29th Infantry Battalion 706-544-7477
2-29th Infantry Battalion 706-544-0094
198th Infantry Brigade 706-544-9216
1-19th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-9253
2-19th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-8387
1-50th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-8887
2-54th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-9121
The 2nd Battalion 54th Infantry participated heavily in World War One in the south of France, Vosges mountains, and Argonne Forest areas. It was deactivated in 1922, but was soon reactivated as the 54th Armored Infantry in 1942. Though it was active in many campaigns during World War Two, its support of Bastogne won the unit a Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm and a Presidential Unit Citation. Later participation in the Vietnam War would earn the 54th a Meritorious Unit Citation. After the 2nd Battalion reorganized at Fort Benning in 1987, the battalion became the only remaining unit of the 54th Regiment left in existence.
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2-58th Infantry Battalion (Training) 706-544-9756
Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade 706-544-6980
507th Airborne 706-545-2533
5th Ranger Battalion 706-864-3327/3367
Ranger Training Brigade 706-544-6980
199th Infantry Brigade 706-545-1497
This unit became known as the 199th Infantry Brigade in 2007 after a long history as the 11th Infantry Regiment. After the 11th’s start in 1861 and many battles across the southern U.S. during the Civil War, the regiment participated in the Indian Campaigns, Spanish-American War in 1898, Puerto Rico Campaigns until 1913, and various border patrol duties along the American-Mexican border. As a part of General Patton’s Third Army, the 11th arrived in France during the Normandy landing of 1944 and fought its way across the country, helping to secure the city of Metz later in the process. The infantry was also a part of the Battle of the Bulge and an important crossing of the Rhine River which allowed Patton and his army to be first on the scene. This regiment was deployed to Korea in 1968 and saw various battles there before its return to Fort Carson, CO, in 1971.
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2-11th Infantry Battalion (BOLIC lll) 760-545-8177
3rd Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment 706-626-5502
MCoE Band (283d Army Band) 706-545-9440
NCO Academy 706-545-9412
11th Engineer Battalion 706-545-3385
The 11th Engineer Battalion (Railway) was the first American unit to reach Europe when they entered Northern France in 1917 to work on its railways. In 1920, the unit was redesignated as a combat unit and was active in the Panama Canal area for World War One and Two where it repaired bridges, roads, and cleared minefields. When the Korean conflict came about, the 11th headed to Japan and built training areas, then moved on to Korea where it supported many Allied troops until 1971. Over the years the battalion was inactivated and reactivated many times at several different bases, supporting construction, troops, and the Iraq war effort when the unit was active. Finally, the unit was reactivated at Fort Benning in 2007.
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14th Combat Support Hospital 706-545-0904
The 14th Combat Support Hospital was activated at Camp Bowie, Texas, in 1942. It served in World War Two and the Korean War, for which the hospital was awarded several unit decorations including Meritorious Unit Commendations (Embroidered) and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations (Embroidered). The 14th was also instrumental in relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and saw deployments with two different task forces in Afghanistan in 2006 and Iraq in 2009. Today, the hospital continues to deploy and support missions overseas.
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75th Ranger Regiment 706-545-4230
Office of Inspector General 706-545-9076
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate 706 -545-3281/3282
United States Marine Corps Detachment 706-682-1043
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation 706-545-1923

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