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Erik Waterman is a mortgage banker working from the Marietta Square. He has worked in the mortgage business for 20 years and has funded over $325 million in loans during that time. Erik and his team work with new, present and past customers to provide the professional services necessary to achieve the goals for each individual customer and client. Delivering a "best in class" service platform is his primary objective. This is accomplished through his knowledge, experience and the team behind him.

Erik resides in Historic Marietta with his wife Sandra, son John and their lab Ella. He graduated from the University of Waynesburg with a major in Finance.

Licensed to work in: Georgia (27136)

Whether you're just browsing for information to see if refinancing your current home makes sense, or you have your eye on a new home and you need to know how you're going to pay for it-we are here to help. Our goal.. is to educate you and enrich your experience on this site through helpful and relevant information for your home loan experience.

While we are not sure that anyone truly looks forward to getting a mortgage, it sure does pay to have someone who cares about helping you when you need one. We see the mortgage loans we give out as a means to a larger goal for our clients. Maybe you want to:

Buy a home
Get a new loan with a better rate to lower your payments
Figure out a way to pay your home off early for retirement
or pull some equity from your home to pay for college tuition

In 1944 President Roosevelt signed into law the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act that provided special benefits to those who serve our country in the military. One of those key benefits is the VA Home Loan Guarantee program. It was designed to help veterans attain the American Dream of home ownership.

The Veterans Administration does not lend money or issue your VA loan. Instead, the VA offers a guaranty on your home loan equal to 25% of the approved loan up to the current year’s maximum. (In 2011 the maximum guaranty amount was $104,250 for a maximum loan of $417,000).